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Behind Closed Doors: Tales of Erotica from the Roaring Twenties !

BEHIND CLOSE DOORS ( Written for a flyer for a Contranaturam show in 2005 at the request of the promoter of the show. Never Published so I'm putting it up here,
                                       By Mr. Paddleman
                                   ( aka, Rich Spankman )
{Author’s note: These are a series of erotic fantasies. These are not based on actual events or individuals. They are based on the common need of everyone to feel the need of love, passion and imagination. Also with the greater desire of having it fulfilled.}
The year is 1922 and the city of Chicago is feeling pretty good about itself. It was the second largest city in the U.S.A., behind, New York and growing. Everyone is doing fairly well. The only drawback to total bliss has been the Prohibition laws which went into effect in 1920. However due to the efforts of civic minded individuals private clubs more popularly known as “speakeasies”, this little problem could be worked around. The police, no problem most of them worked for the clubs as part time work.
Now, this isn’t a story about speakeasies. This is about three couples, like most people you know, have a secret life that is only known to that one other person, behind closed doors. I’m referring to their sexual lives. Another common link is they, share the same apartment building, or know someone who is a friend of someone in the same complex. Dick Rising is 25 years old. He is a veteran of World War I. He is a truck driver for a produce company. He lives in an apartment upstairs from a neighbor hood grocery, owned by a friend, Angelo Genova who owns both the store and the produce company he works for. Both were World War I vets. Also, Angelo had other business deals which we’ll look at later. His girlfriend, Fannie Bender is 22. She works as a seamstress by day and loving companion of Dick’s at night. She has a mischievous streak that sometimes gets her in trouble with Dick, but she loves the special attention she gets for her small misdemeanors.
Fannie Bender, age 22. Recently met Dick Rising at the speakeasy. She has short curly blonde hair, with blue eyes. She is 5’5”, she has breast as Dick described” could shade a midget “. She also, has a very small bottom which helps to accent her top. She has a mischievous streak that usually gets her in trouble with Dick. However she loves the special attention it gets her.
Patti Over felt, age 27, shares an apartment upstairs in the same building that Dick lives in with her girlfriend Kitty Bush. Patti’s preference is the company of women. Her and Kitty are close and one thing Patti, loves to play with is her,” KITTY”. Kitty is 24; daytime job is department store attendant in cosmetics. By night,”speakeasy queen”. Loves to dance and loves both men and women. Always ready for a new adventure.
Kitty Bush is a flapper, in the truest sense. She is 24 years old. At 5’3’ inches and short bobbed black hair. Extremely extroverted, she works in a department store by day and at night is transformed into “the speakeasy queen”. She loves to dance and enjoys the company of both men and women and is always ready for a new adventure.
Will Harder 29, Black, also a veteran of World War I. While not a tenant in the same building as Dick, they are friends going back to the war. Will has become an acquaintance of Kitty’s. Now Kitty will get two stories, one of the advantages of being bi- sexual.
PART ONE – Will Harder and Kitty Bush, “The French Girls like It Like That”
Will Harder was born in Detroit Michigan in 1899. He volunteered to join the U.S. army in 1917 at the beginning of World War 1. His main motivation in volunteering was to get away from the poverty around him and maybe get a little adventure. Like most Americans of that era, the horrors of the war really didn’t enter his mind. Blacks were segregated into special units for training and deployment. His unit was attached to a French Division. As at home black soldiers were segregated from their American counterparts. His unit saw early combat under the French and performed quite well in combat. They earned the respect of the French military command. Soon Will discovered a lot of things were a lot different in France. One was the segregation that was common in the USA didn’t exist in France. He and his friends could go as they pleased. Next, the attitude of the French women. In the United States anyone who was involved in an inter-racial relationship, especially between a black male and a white female did so at great risk. Usually social ostracism, sometimes killed. In France, some of the women were intrigued by the black soldiers. In many cases more athletic, bigger and more muscular than their white counterparts. The mademoiselles, wanted to do their own examination of this phenomenon. One of Will’s friends was told that by one lady she wanted to see if she could handle “all of it. “ Evidently she could and so could her friends. Yes, things were different than back in the States. After the war Will returned to Detroit. Even though he had been decorated by the French and U.S. armies for his excellence in combat, nothing had changed, segregation was still common and employment was scarce. In France he did become friends with another American soldier, this one was white, Dick Rising. Dick was in a unit mostly of men from rural areas, he was from a big city, Chicago. The talk about the farm life bored him. Will and Dick, met in a cabaret once when both men were on leave. They shared a lot of the same interests. Sports, the clubs and cabarets and both were excellent soldiers. Dick invited Will to come to Chicago after the war. He knew some people that could help set him up in a job. They exchanged addresses and promised to keep in touch after the war. After returning to Detroit in the summer of 1919, he was still working some part time jobs to get some money. He was good with his hands, very mechanical, and liked to work on the engines of cars. He picked this skill up in the army, helping work on truck engines. He decided to take up Dick on his offer, contacted him and set up to meet him in Chicago. Dick set it up for Will to get a ride with an over the road truck driver, who worked at his truck company. Also, he set it up with Angelo to get him a job working on the trucks and getting accommodations for living, when he got to Chicago. When Will arrived at the truck terminal, Dick was waiting for him. Both men shook hands and hugged. He asked Will if he wanted to clean up and change clothes, he had a treat for him. He took him back to his apartment, and let Will clean up. Dick told him, “Well now it’s time to see what happens at night around here”.
Dick drove him to what appeared to be another apartment complex. Dick knocked on the door and a slit opened. Dick said one word,” Angelique”. The door opened and they were in a speakeasy, Mademoiselles. This was the first one Will had ever been in. The owner of it, Angelo Genova, recognized Dick and came over to shake his hand. Dick introduced Will. Angelo was also a vet and had a lot of business connections in Chicago. He opened his speakeasy with a little help from some friends. He primarily wanted to target former vets for customers. The police were never a concern. But unruly customers could be. He was looking for a strong man, that just by appearance would intimidate any would be trouble makers. That was where will would fit in, by day he would be a mechanic at night a bouncer. Also, he had an apartment upstairs; he could stay in and use one of his cars to get to work. Will was curious, “this is predominantly a white area, and will I have any problems?” Angelo replied, “NO, these people around here know a friend of mine has let’s say has special privileges. Get your stuff and move in as soon as possible. Also, if you need any female companionship, let me know, I can take care of that too.”
Night time was different. The speakeasy came to life around 10 PM. Also to keep down unnecessary overhead, Angelo only kept it open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. While men made up most of the paying customers, it was the women who made the nights interesting.
This was the flapper era and a loosening of sexual limitations. One of the patrons was another friend of Dick’s, Kitty Bush who shared an apartment with a friend, across the hall from Dick. During the day she worked in a department store in the cosmetic department and at night she was the self proclaimed “ speakeasy queen”. Kitty was 5’3”, with short black hair, which she bobbed. She wore the shortest skirts in the club. She once said, “ why limit yourself to just bratwurst, when you can have clam chowder also”. Otherwise she liked to play with both men and women. She couldn’t help but notice Will. He usually kept to himself alternating between smiling at customers and scowling at the same time. He couldn’t help but notice Kitty’s little smiles at him, he would slightly smile back. Once she decided to make a small conversation with him about Chicago baseball teams. She frequently went to White Sox games. He asked her once if she “was really interested in the games ?” She said “ no, but she like to look at the men’s butts, in those pants.” He loved that answer, this was a women he could tell wasn’t afraid of taking a chance. He started to do his little one liners about the length of her hemlines on dresses and how” she was going to catch a cold or a draft”. She said “I hope to catch something and it does rhyme with draft.” Once when the speakeasy was closing on a Saturday night, Will volunteered to stay behind and clean up. Kitty found out through the gossip mill that Will had been in France during the war. She stuck around that night and at the end of the evening she started asking questions about France. In evidently the conversation turned to the French women. She asked “Did you ever go out with the French women?” He replied, “What do you think?” She grinned “Were they all everyone says they are?” He replied “As far as sex?” She said “yes.” He said, “Well they don’t worry about certain things like folks here, like race.” Then he went on, “are they better in bed than women here, no, and depends on the woman”. Kitty replied, “Do you think I worry about that? That you’re black?” He smiled at her, “probably not,” Will asked her, “How do you plan on getting home, everyone’s left except us.” She said, “she didn’t have a plan, smiling.” Will stood there and grinned “oh you are naughty; you never planned on going home. She replied, “Home is where I am at that moment, besides it is Saturday morning and there isn’t anywhere special I have to be today.” He said, “Let me grab a few beers, I have a room upstairs
Grabbing a few beers from the speakeasy, he said, “Do you want to join me in my room for a few beers?”  She said, “sure and don’t forget the ice.”  They went up the flight of stairs and they were in Will’s apartment. It looked like an army barracks. A bed, a table with a radio on it, with two chairs, a small cooler to keep food in and a gas stove.
They opened the beers and she asked a lot of questions about Paris.  He strongly emphasized that in France he learned, that there are white people who view people as people, based on the way they were, not their skin color. White males had black friends and the women were open to relationships with black men.”
She finally asked, “Do you think I’d be as good as the French women?”
He replied, “I don’t look at it as competition, but what feels good between two people at that moment.” She leaned over and kissed her, holding her tight, leaning over and raising her out of the chair. He kissed her again, with his left hand around her waist and right hand softly rubbing her bottom. They moved over to his bed, he sat down as she began to remove her dress, and let it fall to the floor. She was in her slip and did a little dance, slowly raising it over her head and tossing it at Will, laughing. Now she stood there bare breasted with just her small bloomers on. She walked over to Will and told him to stand up. She unbuttoned his shirt. She looked at his pecs and kissed the small nipples, then proceeded to lower his pants. then his underwear. There it was the masterpiece she was looking for, his penis. She smiled at him, and said “ ohhhhh it looks so tasty and I love chocolate’. She took the tip of it, knelt down and placed it in her mouth, rubbing the tip with her tongue, as it started to swell, she placed more of her mouth around it, going up and down slowly with her mouth, pulling her head back, rubbing her tongue around the now swollen head. She told him to lie down. As he did she removed her bloomers and told him, “I want to ride that cock.” Placing herself in the female superior position above Will she lowered her pussy on the hard cock. ‘AHHHHHHHH, she let out a sigh” She began to move up and down on it slowly, then picking up speed, coming down on it as it swelled in her pussy, next grating her hips in a circular motion. Both were overcome in the fury of the moment. He gripped a hold of her ass, as it moved furiously up and down his shaft. Sweat started to be released off both their bodies. Will told her, “get up for a moment, I want to do to you what the French women like.” With that she momentarily got off his cock and laid on her back. Will then descended on her, placing his hard cock in her warm, wet, pussy. He began moving back and forth, pushing himself into her and also the size of his cock was exactly hit the spot on her clit. She was beside herself, “ ohhhhhh, OHHHHHHH, WILLLLLLL , her legs wrapped around his upper thighs as he pumped her. Now he was gyrating his hips against her pelvis, she began to kick her feet with them wrapped around his thighs; she moved her hands to his butt and squeezed his tight buns. THEN, came the moment, he released in her, his body shaking, she was quivering, he could feel her vaginal muscles twitching. They both had achieved orgasms, simultaneously. He held her tight, sweat pouring off both of them. They laid there; Kitty just had one word “WOW”. Will grinned at her, “that is a good way to describe that.” She said, “I could have gone on and on. “ He replied, well give me a few minutes and we will!!” She just smiled. They made love several more times that morning. The sound of two bodies interconnected filled the room. As the dawn broke, they laid there. Kitty said,” I need to clean up a little and get home. “Will said, “sure “. Kitty said, “I’m sure my roommate is worried about me”. Will said, “I didn’t know you had a roommate”. “Yep” said Kitty. Will said, “I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m sure she has her own boyfriends.” Kitty just grinned, “Well not exactly.” In fact you have seen her at the club; she is always with a group of women. He looked at her, “Hmmm, let me think, there is that group of lesbians, but she wouldn’t be in that group?” Kitty looked at him. He said,” She is one of them”. Kitty replied “yes, now let's see how open minded you are? She got up and cleaned off. Will called her a cab. As the cab approached she hugged him and said “see you at the club.” She grinned at him. He said “yep see you there next weekend.” With that she turned a headed towards the door for the cab.
PART 2, Patti Overfelt and Kitty Bush – “I’ve got just what you want! “
Patti Overfelt is 27 years old. She has done well in an era where women rarely went to school past high school.  She has a master’s degree in history, specializing in Near Eastern Studies.  She was on the administrative staff of the Institute of Oriental studies in Chicago.  She spoke and read German, Greek, Latin and Arabic.  At 5’7” with short red hair and a medium built she was definitely not a woman, who was into ego stroking men.    In fact, she really had little use for them.  She preferred the company of women.  This was also a physical choice also; she loved the feel of another woman’s body.  There was something about the natural scent that a woman’s skin gave off that really turned her on.
She rented an apartment from Angelo Genova, who she knew from his club, Mademoiselles; her and her friends went to.  Angelo was a unique guy, and was one of the few men that Patti admired, he got things done, that was a quality she liked.  He in turn, respected her mind and was accepting of her sexual choices.  Also, he created an environment at his club that was comfortable to her and her friends.
In the club she was already known as a lesbian, so the regular male customers, for the most part left her alone and her crowd.  However with the women it was a different matter. When a woman in the club would give her a smile, she would give a slight grin back.
One night Kitty Bush was in the club, giggling with some of the male customers, basically to play them up for drinks.  Patti couldn’t keep her eyes off the short woman with black hair.  Occasionally Kitty would glance over at Patti and give her a smile.
Bootleg beer isn’t especially the highest quality product. And needless to say frequent trips to the bathroom were common. Patti coming out of one of the stalls spotted Kitty fixing herself in front of the mirror.  Patti saw this as her chance to get a conversation started.  She commented, “Good size crowd tonight, “as she was washing her hands. Kitty replied “yes it is.”  Then Kitty asked, “Do you come here often?”
Patti replied” only on Saturday nights. I don’t go out on work nights.” Kitty asked her, “What do you do.” Patti replied, “I work in a museum.” Kitty giggled, “so you work on old things.’ Patti replied, “You could say that,” smiling back. Patti continued, “some things you discover have never changed’. Kitty said like what “well when you research the records, you discover, that 3000 years ago, they had smart asses too.” Grinning at Kitty. Kitty came back, “I’m sure they did, and what did they do with them? Patti replied, “Oh they usually cut their tongue out.” Kitty got a serious look on her face, “OH, I guess I better watch myself then, or one of your mummies’s will get me.” Patti then asked her if she would like to join her and her friends for a drink.
Kitty joined them at their table and Patti mentioned she was looking for a female roommate, someone to help with the rent.  Kitty asked, “Where at?” Patti gave her the address;   Kitty asked when would be a good time to come to see the apartment.  Patti said, “next Sunday afternoon. Kitty said she would be there, around 2:00 PM.
Kitty liked both men and women.  She enjoyed women who were on the serious side and that would describe Patti.  She had a submissive side, but would only expose that to another woman.  She was intrigued by Patti and wanted to get to know her better.
Kitty arrived at Patti’s apartment a little past 2 P.M.  She was a little late.  Patti, greeted her and said, “you’re late, didn’t your mother teach you it’s better to be an hour early, than a minute late.”   Kitty replied, “No, my mom was from jersey and I guess they do things differently there.”  They both grinned at each other.  They sat at the table in the middle of the room and visited.  Patti had numerous art works in the little apartment.  Also souvenirs from her travel to the Middle East. Kitty was impressed, this was someone who had been around and Kitty was fascinated by people who had traveled. Even though from different backgrounds they struck a common ground. Patti found Kitty to be a good conversationalist.   The apartment had a separate room attached to it that could serve as another bed room. Kitty liked it and agreed to move in the next weekend
They lived together for a month, on the hot Sunday afternoon; they were sitting around relaxing, since there were only the two of them in the apartment they freely walked around in their underwear. Patti was wearing a slip with a pair of white bloomers; Kitty in white brassiere and black bloomers Patti mentioned the next day was her birthday. Kitty, asked how old, she told her she will be 28. Kitty commented “oh you’re old, one foot from the grave, just like the stuff you work around at the museum.” Patti replied, oh yeah, well I’m not too old to handle you!” Kitty got up, “You think so.” Patti replied, “I know so.” Kitty reached up as to try to put Patti in a head lock. Patti stopped it in time and reversed her and put her in a full nelson (holding the person from behind by locking the hands around the back of the neck). Kitty countered by walking backward till Patti lost her balance against the couch, then both women were on the floor. Kitty now had Patti on the floor, face down on her back. They were in a catfight. She couldn’t but notice, that Patti’s backside was open, SMMMMACKKK, Patti yelped, you did now,” NO ONE SPANKS ME!” Kitty fired back,” well I just did “Kitty came back and here is another one, SMMMMAAAACK! “ OWWWWW, that that one really hurt,” Patti used all her energy and put her legs around Kitty’s neck and with a little more weight got her off of her. Now Kitty was face down and Patti got her back and pulled her legs back in a Boston crab. It hurt like hell. Patti asked, “You give, “Kitty yelled, “HELL NOOOO!” Patti pulled back even more. Kitty yelped, “Damn you’ll break my back, Okay, you win!! Let me up. Alright just one more thing. “With Kitty face down, Patti couldn’t resist, SMMMMMMAAAACK! With all her might she delivered one hard spank across. The middle of Kitty’s bottom, “AHHHHHHHHHHH, all right you got me. “ Patti let her up; both women were drenched in sweat now. Patti asked, do you want to take a bath with me? When I was small my sisters and I after we played used to bathe together.” Kitty said “sure!” Patti went over and started the bath water. Leaning over the tub, Kitty admired Patti’s rounded bottom, fleshier then hers, she was anxious to see it without any cover. When Patti was done pouring the water, she looked at Kitty, “ready to get in?” She said, last one does dishes for a week.” They both peeled their remaining clothing off. There was a brief pause from both of them. Kitty saw that Patti had a gorgeous set of breast. She carried a little weight but was by no means over weight. Her hips were rounded and meaty and pear shape. Also there was a slight patch of red hair near covering her vagina.
It was Patti’s turn to observe Kitty. She had very small breast, very firm. She was slender, but her body was well toned. She had a batch of black hair covering her vagina. Her bottom resembled two small cantaloupes, small and pert.
They both got into the tub and each took a sponge and began to wash them. Patti asked Kitty, if she wouldn’t mind washing her back.” Kitty said, “Sure.” First she poured water over her back then she took the sponge and began to wash her. Then she told Patti, to lean over the edge of the tub and raise her bottom, she was going to wash “the most important places.” Patti was delighted; she leaned over and felt the rough edges of the sponge massage her vagina, rubbing against her clit. She let out a small “ahh”. Kitty asked her” you like that?” She murmured “ohm yes”! Kitty told her arch up a little, doing so Kitty took the sponge and slowly ran it up the crack of her bottom. Spotting her anus, she told her, lean over a little more. She took the sponge and put a little more soap on it and gently rubbed Patti’s anus. She wiggled her bottom a little. “Ahh, that feels so good.” Patti said, “Now let me do you,” Kitty leaned over and Patti began to wash her back, now it came time to wash Kitty’s bottom. Patti told her to position herself, so she could wash her. Kitty knelt down, as in a doggie style position. Her bottom straight up in the air. It was a beautiful site; her tight little ass was spread, exposing her vagina and anus to Patti. Patti began by reaching under and washing her vagina, rubbing up and down over her labia, especially making sure the sponge made contact with her clit. Then she took the sponge and began to wash her anus. Patti slide when she saw it, so small and pink, couldn’t help but say, “you have such a cute little butt hole.” Then she washed it slowly, Kitty arched her back more in the shallow water. Then she told Patti, I can’t lean over anymore or I’ll drown (giggling) let dry off”. Patti agreed as both women got out of the tub. They took towels and dried themselves off. After drying they went to the bed. Patti lay on her back and Kitty got on top of her in a horizontal position. They looked in each other's eyes and moved their mouths towards each other and in a deep kiss held each other tight. Kitty moved down Patti’s body and smiles as she looked at her breast, rubbing them kissing each nipple, then paying special attention to the right breast, began sucking on it. Patti sighed, “Kitty you make me feel so good.” Kitty replied, “I want to explore every part of your body. Patti, pulled her close to lightly bite her lower left ear, “Kitty giggled, “Now that tickles”. Patti asked her if she was ticklish and she said, “No”. Patti said,”oh yeah”. She began to gently poke her sides with her fingers, Kitty laughed. Patti said, “I thought you weren’t ticklish. She rolled Kitty on her back, looked into her eyes and came down and kissed her. Then she moved backwards and said, let me see “my KITTY”. Now she was at Kitty’s vagina and moved her mouth to it, then began to unfold her labia, finding her clit, she took her tongue and rubbed it on her clit. Kitty moaned Patti said “now that is the way I like my Kitty. She worked her tongue like she was running a marathon. Kitty could tell she had a lot of experience in making love to another woman. Now she told Kitty to get on top and put her ass in her face. Patti looked up and saw that beautiful bottom staring right in her face. She wasted no time and began to run her tongue on Kitty’s labia, then moving the folds, finding her clit, pulled her back a little, massage her clit with her tongue. Facing forward, Kitty lean forward a little and buried her mouth, on Patti, pussy, rubbing her tongue in a circular motion over Patti’s clit, and then rubbing it with her index finger. Patti let out a moan of relief. Patti, now, moved up to Kitty’s anus, rubbing her tongue along it, with her ass buns in front of her, she slightly nippled on each of them. Then commented, “Those are tasty buns. Kitty whispered, “I’m glad you approve” Both women were making love to each other simultaneously and they were completely absorbed in each other. They went at it for about an hour. After they were done, they just laid there and held each other, the evening was coming on and they were both going to Angelo’s party. Patti couldn’t resist saying, “now a man could never have gone that long.” Kitty said, “well they do serve a purpose, I like them, well some of them,” she started to giggle. Patti replied, “Well, they do nothing for me, they really don’t. I know none of us would be here, if it weren’t for them, but most of them just act like they never got past 12 years.” Kitty, added, “And they usually have a lot of money to spend on US!” Both started laughing then and rolled back in bed.”
Part 3 - Dick Rising and Fannie Bender, THE MIDNIGHT VISITOR
Dick Rising was 25 years old. At 5’10” with black hair and a strong muscular built, he enjoyed physical activities. He played on the Genova Produce Baseball team. In the fall he enjoyed watching a new team in town the Chicago Bears in a new professional league, the National Football League.
He had also been in the army in World War I. He enlisted at the beginning of the war. At that time he was 20. While he really didn’t feel the strong anti German sentiment most of his friends did, he figured he be drafted anyhow some took the initiative. While dangerous, he had some memorable experiences. First of all he loved Paris. On leave he would visit the museums by day and the clubs and cabarets at night. His unit immediately had been attached to a French division. Unlike the strictly U.S. divisions, which were strictly segregated, the French division had black U.S.units. While many of Dick’s comrades weren’t comfortable with this, he welcomed it. The black troops were mostly from big urban cities; Dick had more in common with them then his white rural comrades. He became friends with one soldier in the black unit, Will Harder, it proved to be a lasting friendship that extended past the war.
Also another experience left a lasting experience. At an armistice party in Paris, there was a French soldier dancing with what appeared to be his French girlfriend. She whispered something in his ear during the dance. He stopped the dance and took her hand, leading her to where there was a chair; she started to say in a laughing tone, “NE, NE, NE!” Dick was curious what was going to happen next, was she in trouble. Next the soldier sat down and pulled her over his lap with her bottom lying over his right thigh. . “NE FESSSEE, NE FESSEE,” She yelled, but you could tell she was having fun. The soldier said, “QUI FESSEE “. Dick asked a friend what she is saying. He said,” fessee is the French word for spanking, she is pretending she doesn’t want one, but if she didn’t she could stop this any time she wanted. Look at her she is enjoying it.” She put her hand back to cover her bottom, he moved it aside. Then raising his hand, began spanking her bottom, not real hard, but with quick sharp spanks to her covered lower bottom, then delivering a few to her upper thighs.. (She had a dress on) He stops for a few seconds and rubs her, then resume. She began to kick her legs like she was swimming in the air. She let out a yelp ( awwww, owwwwww, moan derrière, ne fessee, ohhhhh , mon derrière). He said , “Je vous fessee” The whole spanking lasted maybe 3 minutes. He let her up. They stood there and embraced, then Dick watched them kiss. Then both of them left the room. The American soldier who spoke French said, smiling, “ There is going to be a lot of fucking now.” The sight of the spanking really turned Dick on. The sounds, her actions. The French soldier who spanked her, was good, not striking her real hard, but with different speeds and intensity. This would leave a lasting impression on Dick. With the war over, the US forces were reduced and since Dick was first in he was first out. He returned to his old company Genova’s Produce. Angelo Genova having returned from the army also, took over the company from his father. He decided to expand his business and knowing that Dick was a fellow veteran, asked him if he would rather be a truck driver, than work in the warehouse. Dick jumped at the offer.
A big change took place in 1920, Prohibition became the law of the United States. While public sale of liquor and bars became illegal, there were ways to work around it. From fermenting grape juice, to operating stills a lot of American’s resisted it. Those who had the means had other ways. One was Angelo Genova. Through connections he had in Chicago, he had access to liquor coming out of Canada. Also he had purchased some old apartment buildings. One of them had a finished basement. He decided to form his own club, a speakeasy he called Mademoiselles. Mostly as patrons he wanted men who were vets like him and of course, more women the better. Word got out and the club did well.
It was one night at the club Dick met Fannie Bender. She was 22 years old, with shoulder length blonde, with a slender body and unusually large breast. She had an athletic body, small in the hips. She was a very good dancer, the Charleston was her favorite. She was introduced to Dick by Angelo, during the day she worked as a waitress at a local café, Angelo frequented. She was also a practical joker, depending on who it was she liked to get a reaction. Once when Dick was getting ready to sit down, she pulled the chair out from under him. As he fell to the floor she started laughing. He sat there looked up at her and said “that was something I would expect from an 11 year old.” She said “oh yeah, so what you going to do about it take me over your knee?” That was a subtle message to Dick, she either was into spanking or fantasized about it. One Friday night, Dick left Mademoiselle’s early. He was tired and promised Angelo; he’d come in that Saturday morning and help out, at the produce warehouse. It was summer and business was good. As he sat there he heard a rattle on his outside window. Being two stories up from the floor, someone had climbed up the fire escape. Dick went and got his revolver, it could be a prowler or worse. As he set the revolver to be fired, he pulled back the curtain, it was Fannie. Standing there smiling, wearing a black top and brown knickers. She yelled through the window, “Aren’t you going to let me in?” He gave her a dirty look and said, “Just a minute” He raised the window and she climbed in. She said, “Aren’t you glad to see me?” He replied, “What the hell are you doing? That was a hell of a dangerous prank!” She said, “I wanted to pay you a visit. He replied,” Why didn’t you call?” She said," I wanted to pay you a surprise midnight visit.” He still had a stern look, but also thought this was a good time to take a chance. Dick went and got a few beers out of his cooler. They sat down on the patch of carpet on his floor. They had visited a little while and he had mentioned, he wanted to get to bed soon. He was going to work in the morning. But before she left, he thought she, “needed to learn a lesson.” She had always hinted that she wanted to be spanked; maybe this was a good opportunity. “We’ll maybe you have earned your own surprise”. She said, “Oh yeah,” with a pensive grin. “Yes, a spanking!” She gave a slight grin, “now you wouldn’t!” He replied, “Oh yes I will”. The knickers she was wearing accentuated, her bottom, making a lovely target. He pulled her over his lap, as they sat there on the floor. It happened so fast she didn’t know what had happened. Then he delivered around 10 fast sharp spanks to her bottom. She lay there upside down and yelped, “Hey, OWWWW, OHHHHH!” Then he let her up. She sprang to her feet. Putting her hands on her bottom rubbing it. She said, “Well, I never,” slightly grinning. He said, “Sneaking up that fire escape could have got you hurt.” Maybe next time you’ll think twice about doing that. She grinned, “Well maybe if it earns me a spanking, I’ll do it again.” He said, “I see, you know you needed that,” She said, “No I wanted that,” I love the feel of my butt being set on fire, it’s just hard to find someone to do it.”
Dick, put his arms around her and looked at her. “You know, you should have been spanked by me a long time ago. Like the time you pulled the chair at Angelo’s. She said, “I was wondering why you didn’t do something.” He said, “Well, it’s still not too late.” She said, what do you have in mind,” with that mischievous look. “Well, maybe, we need to really take a look at the SEAT of the problem and give it the attention it deserves. “ She said, “A long spanking?” He said, “You said it first. “ Then she added, “And maybe some aftercare”, "His eyes lit up, yes a lot of aftercare". Then she added, pulling on his shirt, “I don’t think we will be needing these” referring to their clothing. He grinned, “Come on, let’s go,” They walked over to where the bed was in the apartment. They put their arms around each other’s waist, then moved closer to each other and began to kiss. Each other’s tongue wrestling with the other totally absorbed in their French kiss. Then Dick placed his tongue in her right, ear. She let out a brief sigh as he gently blew into it. Resuming the kiss, he reached his left arm around her waist, then with his right arm reached down to her bottom. His right hand then began, patting her right buttock cheek, then the left. She looked at him and said, “I guess we have some unfinished business”. He said, yes we do, “in a low voice.
She stood back and let her knickers fall to the floor. Next she removed the top she was wearing. Standing there in just her underwear. Underneath, she was wearing just a small brassiere and small white bloomers that perfectly outlined her bottom. Her entire midriff was exposed.
Dick took her by the hand and told her to lean over and rest her hands on her knees in a bent over position. She did as she was told. Next to the bed, Dick had a house shoe, with a thin leather house shoe. He picked it up and showed it to her and said, “This will make an excellent paddle, don’t you agree. She knocked her head, with that, he placed his hand under her waist and held her tightly, raising the house shoe and he gave her a slight with the shoe. WHAAAP, right across the right lower buttock. WHAAAAP, next the left side. She yelped, “OWW UGH,” After several more fairly slow spanks with the shoe, The sound of the shoe on her ass and the light sting she felt was turning her on. Her bottom was starting to tingle and the sensation was running up her entire backside as well as moistening her vagina. He rubbed the sole of the shoe over her covered bloomer cover bottom and delivered several more spanks. She whispered, “Take them down.” He asked “are you sure? “ She said, “Yes”. Lowering her bloomer, just below, the folds where her, butt, met the top of her thighs her small bottom was slightly pink. He said,” I think this deserves some special work.. “ Taking the shoe which was now transformed leather paddle , he began spanking her, one bottom cheek at a time, alternating, moving the implement in a circular motion on her lower bottom, then pick up speed. “ WHAPPPPP WHAAAAAP, WHAAAAAAP. Then in a series of fast spanks, concentrated on the lower center of her ass, with part of the leather spanking her vagina as well as her ass. The sound filled the air and did her moans, “OHHHH, AHHHH, OWWW, OHHHHH, PLEASSSE, and AHHHHH.” She was a light red. She was getting extremely hot and not just her bottom. He put down the shoe and with her still bend over, he pulled her tight her to him with his left arm. Rubbing her bottom, he resumed spanking her with his hand. SMAAACK, SMAAAACK, SMAACK! Her legs started too kicked, like she was dancing. Her bottom was now on fire. The sting had somewhat diminished, she was now in a total endorphin rush. Her vagina was thoroughly ready for more attention then the spanking could give, she was totally absorbed into her spanking. Dick was getting into also, the sound of the spanks filling the room. Watching her bottom change hue, from pink to red, he also could tell it was time to stop. He was watching her skin color, to make sure it wasn’t turning blue. He had more plans for the evening. He told her bend over the side of the bed. After she did so, he began to rub her bottom gently, then leaning over and kissing her hot orbs, rubbing them with his tongue. She was turned on, and felt the moisture of his tongue penetrating her freshly spanked bottom flesh.
She turned to him and undid his shirt, and next unzipped his pants. Through his underpants she could already see, that he was more than ready to go further, to totally fill her up. His erection made his white boxers look like a snow covered mountain peak. Down came the shorts, to reveal an extremely hard penis, looking for a warm place to call home, her pussy! She pulled her bloomers completely off, and removed her brassiere, to reveal a very large set of breast. He commented,” My Gawd, they could shade a midget.” She laughed said,” hey that could be fun, “pointing to the slight blonde patch of hair, around her vagina. ‘He wouldn’t have far to find it, would he? “ He said, “Neither does me!” He lay on the bed on his back. His hard member pointed upward. Fannie, got on top of his pelvis area, and descended on his erect cock. Both of them were filled with an incredible rush. Her pussy was tight, moist and warm. She felt the friction inside her sugar wall, rubbing against her clit. They were a perfect fit. She moved up and down on his cock. Sometimes almost sitting straight up, coming down on it. Other times leaning over a little supporting her weight with her hands and moving up and down, in a feverish pace. She also had a trick. She would rise off his cock a little, just taking in the tip of his penis, massaging it with the lips of her pussy, then come down on the whole shaft. It drove him crazy. He reached behind and grabbed her ass. One time she came down hard on his balls. He took his right hand and delivered a furious SPANK to her bottom, her whole body shook and her pussy muscles were twitching. She was having an orgasm.Interestly; he had shown a lot of restraint in his release. He wasn’t ready yet. She was impressed! Now he told her to get up, they were going to do his favorite position, doggie style.
She got up and laid face first in the bed, raising her strong small gluts, spread upward, exposing to him, her pussy and anus. He was delighted at the view.  The only thing missing was in wasn’t in that sweet vaginal orifice.  That was going to soon change.
Positioning himself, behind her ass, he took his cock and slowly pushed it into her exposed pussy.  The sensation of entering her from this angle was incredible.  He began to slowly move his penis, back and forth.  Holding on to the side of her hips, he moved a little faster with his thrust.  She could feel him inside, getting bigger as his pelvis pounded against her pussy and anus.  Now he started to move in a clock wise motion, as stirring a very had stick in her, then resuming his forward and back thrust.  She began to let out the most incredible, beautiful sounds, “uhh, ahhh, ohhh, awwww,” as he changed speeds from slow thrust, to quick movements of his hips.  She responded by, moving her bottom in rhythm with each forward thrust he made.  Then she did a difficult maneuver with her feet and ankles.  She actually was able to lock herself around the back of his lower thighs, pulling him closer. This required from her a great deal of flexibility.  He could as he looked down, not only at her bottom, and anus, but watch his cock as it was moving in her.  Once again as earlier, she was beginning to shake.  Her, pussy muscles, were starting to twitch.  She let out them most incredible sounds, “ohhhhh, OHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO, AWWWWWWW,” He could feel her orgasm as her entire body shook.  Still through all this he still hadn’t come.  She was determined to feel him explode in side of her.  They laid in the bed for a small bit.  She told him, to please mount her from the top.  As she laid there, he got on top of her and once again entered her.  His cock was still like a stone cylinder, as it moved in her.  Pumping her as he moved his hips forward and back, then in a clock wise, then counter clockwise position.  She took her legs and wrapped them around his lower hips, rubbing his ass with her foot. He leaned over and kissed her and said in a low voice, “Fannie, I love you” She relied, Dick, I love you.”  She then took her right index finger and felt around the crack of his ass.  Finding his anus, she began to rub it.  The sensation, over took him.  She could feel it happening as she could feel the tip of his cock swell, he was going to come and soon. She matched the movement of his hips with her own movement, to get the full feel of his cock.  Then it happen, he let go and moaned,” AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”  His heart pacing faster.  He could feel the flood of his semen letting loose in her.  They held each other tight as she was also absorbed by his orgasm.  She held him tight as he lay on top of her.  Their passion for each other was complete.  He rolled over to the side, as she lay next to him.  He glanced at the clock, it said 6 AM.  
He was suppose to be at work soon, but was in no condition to show up.  He would call Angelo and make up a story he was sick.  She laughed, “Oh you are naughty, you should have got the spanking,” He said, “well maybe latter, (grinning) but I better give him a call.  He dialed the number and asked for Angelo.  He heard a voice, he had never heard before.  He told the voice, it was Dick Rising and he wanted to speak to Angelo. Then Dick, said, “I see, Hmm, I see. Okay, I’ll be there.”
Fannie said, “What is it? Are you going in?” 
Dick said, “Yes.”  Angelo is gone.  It appears over night, he had to leave town.  The new owner, wants to see everyone involved with the Produce warehouse and the speak easy.  He wants to make some changes and wants to do it today.”
She asked, “well what is the name of the new owner?”  Dick said, some guy, named Capone, Al Capone.”  He got out of bed, “I guess I better go and see what he wants.” He laughed, “I don’t he’ll be too important.  Guys like this are soon forgotten.”
Fannie agreed, “You’re probably right, see you later. And if this Capone guy gives you any trouble, tell him, he’ll have to deal with me.” They both laughed as Dick left.
The End