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Note; This was originally in 2003. When I first started doing public shows, I also wrote some short spanking related stories. It's inspiration were the Sam Swatt stories that appeared in spanking magazines.


A Unique Tale of Submission

John Hardhand, was reading his morning edition of the Kansas City Star. As he paged through the Local, section of the paper he came across an item that stuck him as odd. It appeared that for several weeks a local blood bank had been robbed. The robber didn't take money, no, the robber took blood, seven quarts at a time. More interesting , the video cameras hadn't pick up an image. Also, there had been no evidence of a break in, but appears to have been a break out. As if the robber, was already in the blood bank and exited the facility, but didn't enter it.

John was a private detective. He had worked with the local police on solving unusual cases. He might be considerated sort of a physic investigator. He thought it strange that the cops hadn't contacted him, so he decided to make the move first, he'll call them.
John, had a connection on the police force, Lt. Will Snoop. "Will, how's it going ? "

"Okay, John, what's on your mind?" "What's the deal about the blood bank robberies," asked John ? Will replied," looks like an inside job, you know some black market type stuff." John asked, " any leads?" " No", replied Will. " we had expected the janitor, but it's weird, no images on the film. We wanted to keep this low key for awhile, but it leaked. We are afraid, that it's some sort of group that for whatever reason may need blood now or in the future. We suspect; drug addicts, or even terrorist !"

"TERRORIST" , John fired back . Will said, "well we have no idea. Do you want to give it a try?" John said, "sure."

John had an idea, only a hunch. The robberies did follow a pattern, the first one on a Monday night, the next on a Tuesday, then on a Wednesday. For some reason, the robberies were next place, rotating by the days of the week. it looked like an attempt to try to be tricky, but in reality, while the robber may have tricked the cameras, the pattern was very simple. Interestly, the robberies took place at a vacant blood bank. always just after midnight, another pattern.

John, had a plan. He knew the area. He decided to park a few blocks away from the blood bank, next Thursday night. he knew there was an alley way, by the main entrance of the bank. He would hide there and observe any activity.

The following Thursday night, he drove down close to the blood bank. Parking a few blocks away he made his way on foot to an alley way. With a good view of the main entrance of the blood bank he waited.

As he suspected , a black van appeared about half a block away from the blood bank. This kept it out of view of the security cameras. Out of the van appeared a woman, who appeared to be in her late 20s. She was dressed entirely in black, a skin tight black dress.. Her hair matched clothing, raven black. As he watched her with his binoculars he couldn't help but notice, her face was white an extremely pale white.

Things moved quickly, she literally vanished, then the door of blood bank open as from the inside. The alarm sounding off. She reappeared carrying a wood crate. It looked like it was filled with bottles. She jumped into the driver seat of the van and took off. John, quickly wrote down her license plate number.

After she had cleared the area, John headed back to his car . Back at his apartment, he thought over the situation. The phone rang, it was Lt. Snoop, " Another robbery John." "I know ,Will," replied, John. " How do you know, " asked Will ? " I have my methods," replied, John. "Want to share, " asked Will ? " HA, what do you think," replied, John. With that he hung up on Lt. Snoop. It was time to go to work.

John Hardhand's specialty was unusual cases and this fit the category. No image on the cameras but he definitely saw the perpetrator of the crime. Incredible speed in committing the crime. No entry, but an exit. He began to wonder. Possibly the criminal was not a typical criminal. Time to find out who owned the vehicle.

John had access to most police information and this included vehicle registration. Going to his computer he accessed Missouri Motor Vehicle. After keying in the data, he came up with the name, Angelique Fessee , Canadian from Quebec City.

Another element in the crime that John noticed, that other than stealing the blood, the criminal went out of her way to avoid any contacts, otherwise a victimless crime.

John had a hunch he was going to work on. He decided he was going pay a call on Ms. Fessee, but it would have to be towards sunset. Also, for cases like this he had to use a special weapon. He had such a weapon, ducked away in the top drawer of his bedroom, in a small black case.

As late afternoon was turning into early evening the next day, John , made his move. Driving to the address provided by the computer, he came upon an old house that looked vacant. The black van he saw at the blood ban was parked in front. He really had to get into that house before sunset. he went up to the door, with his little black case As he suspected when he knocked on the door, no answer. The lock on the door was old, so an easy pick for an experienced detective. prying the door open he went into a house that looked almost uninhabited, but John knew better.

He came to a door that looked like it might be the cellar door. Turning the handle, John slowly opened it. The light switch on the wall, didn't work, but fortunately, he had in his case a small battery operated lantern.

Going down the staircase, he was in the main floor of the basement. Scanning the lantern around the room, he noticed it was fairly bare, except for a refrigerator and in the center of the room, what appeared to be a large wood box, but on closer examination, was actually a coffin. First John, went to the refrigerator, opened the door to see what was inside. Opening it, he found 6 quarts of blood. The same blood that had been stolen from the blood bank. Now, either his criminal was a madwoman or possibly something else all together. Now to investigate the coffin, but as he approached it the sun went down. As he came near it, the lid slowly started to open. He stepped back into the corner, turning off his lantern.

Through the dim light, coming from the street light outside, slightly lighting the basement, he saw the figure of a woman rise from the coffin. As soon as she was out of the coffin, he made his move. Turning on the lantern, he said, " Good evening, Ms. Fessee."

She had this puzzled look on her face, a cross between disgust and amazement. " Who are you and what are you doing here ?"

John replied with a sly grin, " You could say, I'm a follower and been following you for quite some time." Then turning serious, " What's for dinner tonight " ?

She came back with a snarl, " I think, YOU ARE !!"

John, stepped back, reached into his black bag and pulled out a thick piece flat wood, with a handle. This was no ordinary piece of wood, it was a paddle. Not just a regular paddle, but one with a cross cut into the center. He raised it and pointed it in plan site of Angelique. She reeled back and screamed, "Get that out of here. Why are you doing this to me ? I've never have done anything to you !"

"First of all, you're a thief and all thieves have to be brought to justice," replied John.

Angelique snarled, " You can't arrest me! You can forget that. Besides what was I suppose to do, I am hungry. Do you think I like this existence ? I never attacked any anything, human or animals. I just took blood from a blood bank. "

John replied calmly, " Stealing blood from people who need it is like taking it from them personally. You're not going out tonight. But you are right, you never attacked anyone, still as an agent of the law you need to be punished !"

She looked at him, for the first time passively. and said, "What are you going to do ? You're not going to staaaak me ?" Her voice quivering, she could say the word, stake.

John said, "NO, I'm not going to stake you, but I am going to do something. I'm going to SPANK you !"

She busted out laughing, "Well that's not going to happen. First you can't get me, second, I wouldn't feel it anyhow, remember I am a vampire !"

"True," looking at his paddle, "but this is no ordinary paddle." raising it again at her, walking towards her. Her eyes looking away from the cross on the surface of the paddle. The cut out cross gave him strength. Without it, he would easily have been dead or worse, her perpetual servant.

Backed up against her own coffin , he grabs her right arm and pulling her, guides her to a chair in the corner.

" No you DON' 'T !" He says, " ah, you said two negatives, that makes a positive, then you do agree. You will get a over the knee paddling."

With that he sat down and guided her over his lap. Angelique, protested wildly. " When I get up, I have VERY special plans for you ! Enjoy this now, I'll make you wish you never been born !"

John replied, " Well, we'll see about that, because I have special plans for you."

John rubbed the paddled across her dress clothed bottom. This made her squirm, the cut out cross on the paddle was doing it's work. She could feel it. He knew it and she knew it.

Angelique, murmured, " wait let's talk."

John replied, " No, we'll talk after we are finished ."

With that he raised her dressed and to his surprise, she wasn't wearing any underwear. Then again, it dawn on him, when she originally died, they wouldn't have placed any on her. So he was looking at a very pale white butt cheeks, that matched the color of her skin .

She yelled again, " DON'T DO IT, I'm WARNING YOU , Let me UP !"

Her demand went unheeded , down came the first paddle spank, on her right bottom cheek. Not extremely hard, but effective.

She screamed, " YEOWWWL!"

John noticed, that while the paddle itself did not leave a mark, the cut out cross did, bright RED, like a blister forming.

On her left cheek, the same, with the same result plus a leg kick, " AHHHHHH, she let out a moan.

Next the paddle came down across the lower bottom of her buttocks, square in the middle touching both butt cheeks, but leaving it's mark on her right side. This one was a little harder and she arched backed. With that, he placed his right leg across upper leg muscles right below her knees to lock her in.

Rubbing the paddle on her somewhat already sore bottom, he told her, " brace yourself, the next paddle spanks will be coming fast. " With that she just moaned, " please, just please .... " She glance back at him, her eyes red as fire, but not really of anger. Emotionally her human side was taking over, she was on fire ! Not just her bottom, but what was left of her soul.

John came down on her right buttock cheek with the paddle, another red blistered form cross. Rubbing the paddle on her, left lower butt cheek, the sweet spot, another swat, " OHHHHHHHHH" she cried out. The pace of the paddling sped up, With each swat, alternating between her buttocks occasionally landing between both of them, you heard the repetitious, but low vocal delightful moans. " Ohhh, AHHHH, AHHHH, oHHHHH , NOOOO, OHHHHH , OHHHHHHHAAAH.

After about fifteen minutes John stopped the paddling. She laid over his lap, her body heaving from deep breathes. Her bottom was covered in red blistered cross forms. What John didn't initially realize, that these markings, in the form of the cross would stay with her for some time. Her vampire powers were now powerless, the mark of the cross covering her entire derriere from the paddling.

He let her up and she began to jump around, screaming, "it hurts," her hand holding both her bottom cheeks. " What have you done to me ?"

John grinning said, " Your mine, that's what happened. Your powerless and totally dependent on me."

Angelique replied, " I can't go out like this. I'll need food, how am I going to eat ?'

John looked at her. " I realized that you had no control over whatever made you what you are. You also never hurt anyone, human or animal. in fact you could have taken me out immediately if you had chosen to, so here is what I'll do, I'll provide food for you. You don't need human blood to survive. I have connections through the stock yards, I can get you animal blood, for your nourishment. I'll go even further, she you are willing to submit to my authority, some evenings, I'll even take you out, to a show, concert. ( laughing), you already have that goth look, no one will think twice."

Angelique looked at him, " I really would like to go out and mingle with people. That never has left me. So I should put my trust in you ?'

John said, " you really don't have many choices, but I think you'll find my offer appealing. In fact I can learn some things from you ? "

She said inquisitively, "what? "

John replied, " Life is short, you can tell me what to expect on the other side."

She just looked at him, eye to eye and said, " I agree. But I better warn you, I'm NOT a goth, I actually prefer country. Hank Williams still around around ?"

John grinned back, "father or son ?"

Angelique snapped back, "SON ! I haven't been gone that long."

John smiled back and said, " Well I'll be back tomorrow night with food, for tonight, you need to get back in your coffin."

"What ?" Angelique snapped . " The night is young, lets go out tonight."

John replied, " Not so fast, I've never been a Dominant to a vampire, this is new ground. Get in your coffin, NOW ! "

" What if I don't", she retorted.

John, slyly grinning, "in the mood for more paddling tonight ?"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO, well not tonight, it's going to take me longer than mortals to heal."

"Then get in your coffin now," he said in a firm voice.

With that she moved quickly and standing by it commented, " You know it's going to hurt to lay on my back."

John said, Only till sunrise, then you'll be asleep. As your laying there, you'll definitely have something to think and ( grinning ) squirm about.'

With that she got into her coffin slowly, laying down. The minute her buttocks touched the bottom of the coffin, her eyes light up again and she let out an, " OHHHHHHHHH, OWWWWWW, you are MEANNNNN!"

John, replied, "see you tonight, "and closed the lid. She yelled, I want fresh blood, make it USDA No. 1 and Good concert seats" ! She yelled through the closed coffin. Then you heard the low murmurs as she reacted to the effects still with her from her earlier paddling. " ohhh, ooooooo, awwwww, damn it , awwwwwh , can't get comfor, awwwwww, able. OWWWWWW !

 John grinning to himself and thinking, " I think I'm really on to something