Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Manor of St. Spankins !

   October 4, 2013, KC Spanks Club, will have it's next party, near Lawrence, KS.  It will be a medieval themed spanking event.  In fact we are changing the name of the facility we are having the event at to; The Manor of St. Spankins.

   So what was the spanking world of the medieval period, 1000 - 1500 A.D. ?  Besides the hand, the implement of choice was the birch.  Medieval wood cuts and art all over the place, displaying  the birch at work. If interested just go to your search engine and type in, " birch spanking ".

    We are encouraging participants to wear medieval/renaissance costumes ( not require, but will add flavor.  A demo will take place, plus a Trial by Ordeal !  ( Where your guilty, till your proven guilty !!!)

   Of course, there is the play party, where spanking enthusiasts in an interactive environment, will be doing their thing.  CAN'T WAIT !!!