Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fountain City Fetish Fest pics

KC Spanks Club, Halloween Spank and Spook, October 20, 2012

Just came back from a most memorable night. KC Spanks Club, Halloween Spank and Spook party. This was different. It was actually a house party in the countryside of rural Missouri.

We had it all, a lot of food, a bonfire, hell hound barking in the distance for more atmosphere and more importantly a woodshed with spanking benches, ( yes a real outdoor, woodshed , plus a garage with several spanking benches.

A nice crowd of spanking enthusiast, I'd say around 15 folks. Small in number but just right for a house party.

The hosts a couple who belong to our club, went all out. What a spread of food !!

I personally gave several great spankings. One was a woodshed hand spanking/strapping and paddling of my play partner badsherri. She really needed that trip to the woodshed. Later I gave her a lengthy hand spanking at the house.

I gave several other hand spankings, but one that will stick in my mind for some time is one I gave to one of our local ladies. I think she spend at least twenty minutes over my lap. I loved changing speeds and spank intensities on her lovely bottom. By her body language, it was obvious, she was totally receptive to my hand spanking. ( I know I sure enjoyed playing with her ).

Of course there were other people playing. Saw some awesome spankings given and received.

AHHHHH, what a night !

A GREAT night, GREAT people and GREAT spanking !!