Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fountain City Fetish Fest, Kansas City, MO. Sept. 7-8, 2012

I had to say this was one of the most exciting events I have participated in.

Saturday, Sept. 8, was probably one of the busiest days I have had in the scene.

Started the day off with a presentation on Spanking, Enriching Your BDSM Play Scene. Good class, covered spanking and it's various traditions and with the assistance of badsherri69, we proceeded to do various demonstrations and answer questions from the class attendees.

In the afternoon, we did a class on role play in a spanking scene. Discussions on who does role play and what makes for a good scene. We acted out two fantasy scenes. One a Boss/bad employee scenario. The other a historical birching scene, badsherri went back and visited the INQUISTION.

Also we did a scene on objectification. badsherri's butt became a drum and we did a performance of Sunshine of Your Love.

That's not all !

That evening I was MC for the banquet. It turned out that the burlesque troupe Panties Inferno didn't have an MC so I got to work with them. This was a privilege and honor. They coached me through some of their routines. I hope I did okay. I hadn't done MC work for 5 years. Brought back pleasant memories and briefly I felt that old energy. Best of luck to Panties Inferno, I wish them a lot of success !

Then capping it off, played a little in the dungeon area. Had some fun spanking moments.

I packed it in early Sunday. Lot of stuff to do at home so I headed out at dawn.