Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fountain City Fetish Fest, September 7 - 9

This is a biggie, for the the entire Kansas City lifestyle scene. I'm talking about Fountain City Fetish Fest.

Okay on the level, spankos are rarely ever invited to these type of events.
badsherri69 and I were not only welcomed, but included as an integral part of
the local community as a part of lifestyle play, ( how you determine your place in this lifestyle is up to you as an individual ). We are doing two demos:
Spanking 101, Spanking in your BDSM session. Some personal tips on spanking techniques, on adding some spice to your play sessions. Also will be some historical aspects on spanking styles and techniques over the last 2000 years.
There will audience particpation at the end to share some personal techniques
Spanking 102, Roleplay. Use of your imagination is a spanking scene. We will discuss what makes good role play, mindset, clothing, will be discussed. The scenes will go to mild, moderate and extreme. In the last segment we will do historicsal play, badsherri meets the Inquistion. Birch stems will be here from Wisconsin for use. A penal style birching will be administered to badsherri ! ( Birching is primitive, but so effective ).

Here are some major links to go to learn more.