Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Midnight Vistor: Dedicated to a spanking friend from long ago.

The Midnight Visitor ( dedicated to a long ago spanking friend from the Kansas City area.

( This is a true story, still fresh in my mind as the night the following events transpired ).

In the spring of 1981, Kansas City had an NBA basketball team. Today they are known as the Sacramento Kings, then they were the Kansas City Kings. Generally they lost a lot except this particular year, they had reached the Western Conference finals against the Houston Rockets. Being a basketball fan I was excited about this big event. I got a ticket to one of the games and the Kings won ( actually only game of the series they were to win ).

I got back to my apartment about midnight, getting prepared to go to bed since I had to go to work the next morning, recently starting a new job. Just as I was getting ready for bed, I heard a rattle on the back window of my apartment, ( it was a ground level apartment ). I was concerned since it was late and I wasn't expecting anyone. It was a warm evening and the window was up, with the screen down. At the time I was a competition archer. I had my equipment in the living room. I went and got my bow and placed an arrow in it and drew the bow back, moving the curtain back with the arrow tip. As I pulled the curtain pack, there stood my girlfriend Kathy. I asked, " what the hell are you doing ?" She comes back with, " I just wanted to drop by and say hi. " Then she grins at me, I didn't expect this type of reception, let me in!" I told her to "come around to the back door and I'll let you in."

I went to the lobby and opened the back door and brought her in.

I went to get a couple of beers and she sat on the floor. I joined her on the floor and inevidably, the conversation went to her antics at the back window. I told her what she had done was dangerous. She smiled and added, " well I've been a bad girl and I know I need to have my ass beat ! "

Before I go on I'll add a little more detail to the relationship. At the time I was 25, Kathy was 23. Side by side we were a very good physical match. I am 5'11" at the time around 175 lbs. Also had black hair, that was sort of on the long side. Kathy was probably 5'6", blond hair, medium length. She kept herself in great shape, large breast, with a very narrow waist and little butt. Also, she loved to be spanked. A hand on her butt, totally fired her up. We had played on several occasions, but this was the first time she had gotten herself into a disciplinary situation.

I told her," yep, you need a spanking. " Saying that, still sitting on the floor I pulled her over my lap, with her jeans still on, I began a quick series of light spanks to each side of her fully clad bottom. She was always a verbal spankee, Ohhhh, OHHHH, OH!!!!. Then I told her, you know these have to come down. unsnapping the front of her jeans, she arched up a little and I pulled the jeans down to the lower part of her butt cheeks, then rubbing her back, I said, " patting her panties, these have to go too !!"

She looked back at me, " OH NO, my BARE, OH !!! Pulling the panties down to the level of her jeans there it was, the most beautiful target I could imagine. Two small flesh mounds, pointed up at me, twitching in the nights dimly lite room.

Patting her bun cheeks, then rubbing them, I raised by right hand, slightly cupped,to begin with, so I could feel the contours of her bun cheek in my hand, brought it down on her right bun cheek, first starting slow then gaining momentum and speed, slowly alternaing cheeks. Then I flattened out my hand in a more traditional style and worked her entire bottom, landing many directly on the divide that separated the right from left bun. Her bottom language gave away what she was experiencing. Her, bottom arched back to receive each hand spank I delivered to her, I could feel her body starting to shake too, and the numerous, " Oh, OHHH, OHHHHHH, NOOOOOO, OHHHHHHHHH," that filled the room .

I told her after the hand spanking that since she was bad I had to reinforce the seriousness of what she had done. She asked, " What are you going to do ?" I reached over and found a slipper on the floor I wore when I got up in the morning. She said, "you're not, NO, please Rich don't use that shoe on my butt, PLEASE !!!" I told her, she didn't it and think about it as I slipper you. With that I brought the slipper down, on the middle of her bottom, four rapid fire spanks. " OHHHHH, AHHHHH, NOOOOO, OHHHHHH !!!!' The it was over. She laid over my lap, breathing heavily. She said in a low voice, you know what this means. I let her up, she continued to remove the lower portion of her clothing. Smiling at me, she took my hand as I got up off the floor. Nodding her head towards the bed room we moved into what usually were my sleeping quarters,but on this night I knew sleep was out of the question. I looked at the clock ad it was 1:00 AM. I'll leave the rest of the night to your imagination. As the night progressed my next moment of reality was to see the sun had risen, it was 6:00 AM. Needless to say, I never made it to work that day !!!!