Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Paddles Day, KC Spanks Club. A FUN night !

All went well. A lot of new faces. Some of the regulars couldn't make it, so I got to re-introduce the club over again; what we do, about, etc.

Most of the ones in attendance were from the surrounding area BDSM groups. While they may add spanking to their play, it isn't the central object, like it is to a spanko.

Originally another couple were suppose to do the paddling demo. Unfortunately , the bottom for the demo was recently in a minor car accident, so under doctor's order ordered to lay low and recuperate. Without much time before the event, I put a demo together with my play partner, badsherri.

The demo opened with me talking about various styles of paddles, wood, leather, acrylic, etc. Then I spoke about the sting vs thud effect of the various paddles I had laid out. Ranging from a small wood paddle ball style paddle to a retired principal's paddle from North Carolina, I bought off e-bay some years ago.

Then we went into a demo of one of my sessions. I wanted to share some techniques I developed over the years to make the use of paddles , fun and exciting, for both the bottom and the Top.

I brought badsherri up in front of the group. I had her bend over a chair to begin her warm up. Using the small wood paddle, I began to paddle her. The swats were basically medium level intensity, slowly moving up the level as the warm up continued. Her butt was turning a nice shade of pink. I alternated speeds, to keep her off guard as what to expect.

Next I took two, otk style, otk paddles. As I told the group, it's fun to make a game of the paddling, to use our imaginations. I proceeded to paddle her with these two paddles, like a spanking machine. Both at once, changing up speeds. Also I was taking note of her reaction. I noticed she was slowing moving her lower body to the rhythm of the paddle spanks. Things were going well.

Next the build up. This was an extention of the warm up, but harder paddle spanks. First I had her lay over my left knee. Taking a small wood paddle with holes, I refer to as the "holy paddle", we played around the world.

I explained to the audience, that in this game we start on the lower left cheek and take the paddle across the entire circumference of her rounded out butt in this position. I moved the paddle started on the lower left cheek, taking it around slowly, pretending we were visiting each continent. Then we went around again, only faster.

Next, I placed her, butt facing the crowd over my lap and took a wood hairbrush. I explained to the crowd, that a hairbrush was basically another form of a paddle. badsherri is short in physical height, so I pulled her over to make sure her feet were not on the ground. Then i began the hairbrush phase of her paddling. These were applied fairly hard, mixing speeds, alternating, from one cheek to the next. Being a demo, this last only a few minutes. While she didn't kick, she did pull back her lower calves. with the impact on her butt, crossing her legs, back and forth. I could tell all was going well !

Next we went to her actual paddling, which was was a classic disciplinary style paddling. I had her bend over and assume the position ( by the way, the whole session was bare bottom ). This was a role play paddling. I had to have a reason for this paddling. I had it, too much time on FETLIFE !

I used three paddles for this phase of the demo. We are going for total thud now and I wasn't going to hold back. 2 paddles I refer to as brat tamers one and two. I purchased these from Kelly Payne some years ago. Brat tamer 1 is a traditional 12" paddle, made of maple.

In the bend over position I applied 2 HARD swats with the paddle. I heard her moan and noticed her hands outstretched after both swats ( given a few minutes apart ). The result I wanted, the effect of the paddle was going through her body.

Next Brat tamer two. A smaller paddle. meant for one cheek at a time. Looked like a small meat or cheese cutting board. She received 4 hard swats with this paddle. Two on each butt cheek. She kept her postion, but you could her the moans and with the swats of the paddle, her body would move forward.

Next, the prinicpal's paddle. You could tell it was made in a wood cutting class. Somewhat crude, but very effective. Little holes had been drilled into it. Swats were timely placed. Not close in time to each other. A minute apart, so the effect of each swat and anticipation of the next could do it's work.

Finally at the end, we did aftercare. I think this is important. To make sure the bottom feels good about what they just went through. I applied arnica to her paddled butt.

We got applause from the group and an ovation. Went well.

Then we went back to the play party phase. The sound of paddling filled the room as the attendees played and socialized.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paddling demo !

It looks like badsherri and myself will be doing the St. Paddles Day demo, due to a car accident one of the original demo participants was in.  She's okay, but recuperating.

The demo will consist of, discussion on types of paddles. Effects, sting vs thud, positions to use during a paddling and the fetish side that each paddle brings to the participants. The discussion will be mixed with the use of the paddles in action with the paddling of badsherri, including warm up, build up and to finish, a classic style paddling !