Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fountain City Fetish Fest pics

KC Spanks Club, Halloween Spank and Spook, October 20, 2012

Just came back from a most memorable night. KC Spanks Club, Halloween Spank and Spook party. This was different. It was actually a house party in the countryside of rural Missouri.

We had it all, a lot of food, a bonfire, hell hound barking in the distance for more atmosphere and more importantly a woodshed with spanking benches, ( yes a real outdoor, woodshed , plus a garage with several spanking benches.

A nice crowd of spanking enthusiast, I'd say around 15 folks. Small in number but just right for a house party.

The hosts a couple who belong to our club, went all out. What a spread of food !!

I personally gave several great spankings. One was a woodshed hand spanking/strapping and paddling of my play partner badsherri. She really needed that trip to the woodshed. Later I gave her a lengthy hand spanking at the house.

I gave several other hand spankings, but one that will stick in my mind for some time is one I gave to one of our local ladies. I think she spend at least twenty minutes over my lap. I loved changing speeds and spank intensities on her lovely bottom. By her body language, it was obvious, she was totally receptive to my hand spanking. ( I know I sure enjoyed playing with her ).

Of course there were other people playing. Saw some awesome spankings given and received.

AHHHHH, what a night !

A GREAT night, GREAT people and GREAT spanking !!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fountain City Fetish Fest, Kansas City, MO. Sept. 7-8, 2012

I had to say this was one of the most exciting events I have participated in.

Saturday, Sept. 8, was probably one of the busiest days I have had in the scene.

Started the day off with a presentation on Spanking, Enriching Your BDSM Play Scene. Good class, covered spanking and it's various traditions and with the assistance of badsherri69, we proceeded to do various demonstrations and answer questions from the class attendees.

In the afternoon, we did a class on role play in a spanking scene. Discussions on who does role play and what makes for a good scene. We acted out two fantasy scenes. One a Boss/bad employee scenario. The other a historical birching scene, badsherri went back and visited the INQUISTION.

Also we did a scene on objectification. badsherri's butt became a drum and we did a performance of Sunshine of Your Love.

That's not all !

That evening I was MC for the banquet. It turned out that the burlesque troupe Panties Inferno didn't have an MC so I got to work with them. This was a privilege and honor. They coached me through some of their routines. I hope I did okay. I hadn't done MC work for 5 years. Brought back pleasant memories and briefly I felt that old energy. Best of luck to Panties Inferno, I wish them a lot of success !

Then capping it off, played a little in the dungeon area. Had some fun spanking moments.

I packed it in early Sunday. Lot of stuff to do at home so I headed out at dawn.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fountain City Fetish Fest, September 7 - 9

This is a biggie, for the the entire Kansas City lifestyle scene. I'm talking about Fountain City Fetish Fest.

Okay on the level, spankos are rarely ever invited to these type of events.
badsherri69 and I were not only welcomed, but included as an integral part of
the local community as a part of lifestyle play, ( how you determine your place in this lifestyle is up to you as an individual ). We are doing two demos:
Spanking 101, Spanking in your BDSM session. Some personal tips on spanking techniques, on adding some spice to your play sessions. Also will be some historical aspects on spanking styles and techniques over the last 2000 years.
There will audience particpation at the end to share some personal techniques
Spanking 102, Roleplay. Use of your imagination is a spanking scene. We will discuss what makes good role play, mindset, clothing, will be discussed. The scenes will go to mild, moderate and extreme. In the last segment we will do historicsal play, badsherri meets the Inquistion. Birch stems will be here from Wisconsin for use. A penal style birching will be administered to badsherri ! ( Birching is primitive, but so effective ).

Here are some major links to go to learn more.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Midnight Vistor: Dedicated to a spanking friend from long ago.

The Midnight Visitor ( dedicated to a long ago spanking friend from the Kansas City area.

( This is a true story, still fresh in my mind as the night the following events transpired ).

In the spring of 1981, Kansas City had an NBA basketball team. Today they are known as the Sacramento Kings, then they were the Kansas City Kings. Generally they lost a lot except this particular year, they had reached the Western Conference finals against the Houston Rockets. Being a basketball fan I was excited about this big event. I got a ticket to one of the games and the Kings won ( actually only game of the series they were to win ).

I got back to my apartment about midnight, getting prepared to go to bed since I had to go to work the next morning, recently starting a new job. Just as I was getting ready for bed, I heard a rattle on the back window of my apartment, ( it was a ground level apartment ). I was concerned since it was late and I wasn't expecting anyone. It was a warm evening and the window was up, with the screen down. At the time I was a competition archer. I had my equipment in the living room. I went and got my bow and placed an arrow in it and drew the bow back, moving the curtain back with the arrow tip. As I pulled the curtain pack, there stood my girlfriend Kathy. I asked, " what the hell are you doing ?" She comes back with, " I just wanted to drop by and say hi. " Then she grins at me, I didn't expect this type of reception, let me in!" I told her to "come around to the back door and I'll let you in."

I went to the lobby and opened the back door and brought her in.

I went to get a couple of beers and she sat on the floor. I joined her on the floor and inevidably, the conversation went to her antics at the back window. I told her what she had done was dangerous. She smiled and added, " well I've been a bad girl and I know I need to have my ass beat ! "

Before I go on I'll add a little more detail to the relationship. At the time I was 25, Kathy was 23. Side by side we were a very good physical match. I am 5'11" at the time around 175 lbs. Also had black hair, that was sort of on the long side. Kathy was probably 5'6", blond hair, medium length. She kept herself in great shape, large breast, with a very narrow waist and little butt. Also, she loved to be spanked. A hand on her butt, totally fired her up. We had played on several occasions, but this was the first time she had gotten herself into a disciplinary situation.

I told her," yep, you need a spanking. " Saying that, still sitting on the floor I pulled her over my lap, with her jeans still on, I began a quick series of light spanks to each side of her fully clad bottom. She was always a verbal spankee, Ohhhh, OHHHH, OH!!!!. Then I told her, you know these have to come down. unsnapping the front of her jeans, she arched up a little and I pulled the jeans down to the lower part of her butt cheeks, then rubbing her back, I said, " patting her panties, these have to go too !!"

She looked back at me, " OH NO, my BARE, OH !!! Pulling the panties down to the level of her jeans there it was, the most beautiful target I could imagine. Two small flesh mounds, pointed up at me, twitching in the nights dimly lite room.

Patting her bun cheeks, then rubbing them, I raised by right hand, slightly cupped,to begin with, so I could feel the contours of her bun cheek in my hand, brought it down on her right bun cheek, first starting slow then gaining momentum and speed, slowly alternaing cheeks. Then I flattened out my hand in a more traditional style and worked her entire bottom, landing many directly on the divide that separated the right from left bun. Her bottom language gave away what she was experiencing. Her, bottom arched back to receive each hand spank I delivered to her, I could feel her body starting to shake too, and the numerous, " Oh, OHHH, OHHHHHH, NOOOOOO, OHHHHHHHHH," that filled the room .

I told her after the hand spanking that since she was bad I had to reinforce the seriousness of what she had done. She asked, " What are you going to do ?" I reached over and found a slipper on the floor I wore when I got up in the morning. She said, "you're not, NO, please Rich don't use that shoe on my butt, PLEASE !!!" I told her, she didn't it and think about it as I slipper you. With that I brought the slipper down, on the middle of her bottom, four rapid fire spanks. " OHHHHH, AHHHHH, NOOOOO, OHHHHHH !!!!' The it was over. She laid over my lap, breathing heavily. She said in a low voice, you know what this means. I let her up, she continued to remove the lower portion of her clothing. Smiling at me, she took my hand as I got up off the floor. Nodding her head towards the bed room we moved into what usually were my sleeping quarters,but on this night I knew sleep was out of the question. I looked at the clock ad it was 1:00 AM. I'll leave the rest of the night to your imagination. As the night progressed my next moment of reality was to see the sun had risen, it was 6:00 AM. Needless to say, I never made it to work that day !!!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mid Coast Summer Spanking Getaway

Friday, August 10, 2012 · 7:30 PM – 2:00 AM
Location:  Master Richard's Place given with rsvp
Kansas City, Missouri

Cost:  $10

Dress code: Summer casual, fetish

Age requirement to attend: 21+

Presentation and Demo: Alicia Panettiere, "Lifestyle Bottom, Professional Disciplinarian, Spanking Model, and spanking video producer." Alicia is a member of KC Spanks Club. She is well known in the international spanking community. We are privileged to have her do this demo for the club. She will be doing this demo as a Top.
To learn more about Alicia Panettiere visit her websites:

Potluck- In keeping with the tropical theme, meat tray will be a little different for this party. Feel free to bring something to share. ( Does not have to be tropically oriented )

Door prize-

For more information about the event contact;

or visit our website:

Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Paddles Day, KC Spanks Club. A FUN night !

All went well. A lot of new faces. Some of the regulars couldn't make it, so I got to re-introduce the club over again; what we do, about, etc.

Most of the ones in attendance were from the surrounding area BDSM groups. While they may add spanking to their play, it isn't the central object, like it is to a spanko.

Originally another couple were suppose to do the paddling demo. Unfortunately , the bottom for the demo was recently in a minor car accident, so under doctor's order ordered to lay low and recuperate. Without much time before the event, I put a demo together with my play partner, badsherri.

The demo opened with me talking about various styles of paddles, wood, leather, acrylic, etc. Then I spoke about the sting vs thud effect of the various paddles I had laid out. Ranging from a small wood paddle ball style paddle to a retired principal's paddle from North Carolina, I bought off e-bay some years ago.

Then we went into a demo of one of my sessions. I wanted to share some techniques I developed over the years to make the use of paddles , fun and exciting, for both the bottom and the Top.

I brought badsherri up in front of the group. I had her bend over a chair to begin her warm up. Using the small wood paddle, I began to paddle her. The swats were basically medium level intensity, slowly moving up the level as the warm up continued. Her butt was turning a nice shade of pink. I alternated speeds, to keep her off guard as what to expect.

Next I took two, otk style, otk paddles. As I told the group, it's fun to make a game of the paddling, to use our imaginations. I proceeded to paddle her with these two paddles, like a spanking machine. Both at once, changing up speeds. Also I was taking note of her reaction. I noticed she was slowing moving her lower body to the rhythm of the paddle spanks. Things were going well.

Next the build up. This was an extention of the warm up, but harder paddle spanks. First I had her lay over my left knee. Taking a small wood paddle with holes, I refer to as the "holy paddle", we played around the world.

I explained to the audience, that in this game we start on the lower left cheek and take the paddle across the entire circumference of her rounded out butt in this position. I moved the paddle started on the lower left cheek, taking it around slowly, pretending we were visiting each continent. Then we went around again, only faster.

Next, I placed her, butt facing the crowd over my lap and took a wood hairbrush. I explained to the crowd, that a hairbrush was basically another form of a paddle. badsherri is short in physical height, so I pulled her over to make sure her feet were not on the ground. Then i began the hairbrush phase of her paddling. These were applied fairly hard, mixing speeds, alternating, from one cheek to the next. Being a demo, this last only a few minutes. While she didn't kick, she did pull back her lower calves. with the impact on her butt, crossing her legs, back and forth. I could tell all was going well !

Next we went to her actual paddling, which was was a classic disciplinary style paddling. I had her bend over and assume the position ( by the way, the whole session was bare bottom ). This was a role play paddling. I had to have a reason for this paddling. I had it, too much time on FETLIFE !

I used three paddles for this phase of the demo. We are going for total thud now and I wasn't going to hold back. 2 paddles I refer to as brat tamers one and two. I purchased these from Kelly Payne some years ago. Brat tamer 1 is a traditional 12" paddle, made of maple.

In the bend over position I applied 2 HARD swats with the paddle. I heard her moan and noticed her hands outstretched after both swats ( given a few minutes apart ). The result I wanted, the effect of the paddle was going through her body.

Next Brat tamer two. A smaller paddle. meant for one cheek at a time. Looked like a small meat or cheese cutting board. She received 4 hard swats with this paddle. Two on each butt cheek. She kept her postion, but you could her the moans and with the swats of the paddle, her body would move forward.

Next, the prinicpal's paddle. You could tell it was made in a wood cutting class. Somewhat crude, but very effective. Little holes had been drilled into it. Swats were timely placed. Not close in time to each other. A minute apart, so the effect of each swat and anticipation of the next could do it's work.

Finally at the end, we did aftercare. I think this is important. To make sure the bottom feels good about what they just went through. I applied arnica to her paddled butt.

We got applause from the group and an ovation. Went well.

Then we went back to the play party phase. The sound of paddling filled the room as the attendees played and socialized.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paddling demo !

It looks like badsherri and myself will be doing the St. Paddles Day demo, due to a car accident one of the original demo participants was in.  She's okay, but recuperating.

The demo will consist of, discussion on types of paddles. Effects, sting vs thud, positions to use during a paddling and the fetish side that each paddle brings to the participants. The discussion will be mixed with the use of the paddles in action with the paddling of badsherri, including warm up, build up and to finish, a classic style paddling !

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New fun on the hozizon

   I haven't put up a lot lately, but things are starting to pick up.  KC Spanks Club is having it's late winter party March 9, in Kansas City.  We're calling it St. Paddles Day.

   Besides the spanking party I'm attending a few other local events that fall more into BDSM events.

   Switching gears in April, a couple months of vanilla presentations on a local cemetery and the U.S. Civil War.

    July we will be having another spanking party, then in September, something BIG !  In Kansas City there are plans for a fetish festival.  I've been asked to talk and do a demo on spanking.  Also, emcee possibly their burlesque show.  A lot going on !


Monday, January 2, 2012

KC Spanks Club Presents: St. Paddles Day

Date & Time:
Friday, March 09, 2012 · 7:30 PM – 2:00 AM

Master Richard's Place
given with RSVP @ map

Cost: $10

Dress code: Casual, fetish

Description: In honor of St. Paddles, we will be celebrating this unofficial saint day, Friday, March 9, 2012.

Demo : Demo : Rich Spankman and badsherri69, will do a demo on paddles and some techniques that can make the use of paddles in a scene, a fun and unique experience for both the top and bottom.

The demo will consist of, discussion on types of paddles. Effects, sting vs thud, positions to use during a paddling and the fetish side that each paddle brings to the participants. The discussion will be mixed with the use of the paddles in action with the paddling of badsherri, including warm up, build up and to finish, a classic style paddling !

Door Prize : custom made paddle from the shop of Mistress Deborah's

POTLUCK: Meat tray provided by the event host. Soda, bottled water, extra side dishes, condiments, etc needed.

RSVP by March 7, 2012

Any questions contact: Rich Spankman