Saturday, December 10, 2011

Krampus visits Kansas City, LOL !!

Amazing what you can do with a little make up !

Krampusnacht Spanking Party, Kansas City, 2011

KC Spanks Club's anti-Christmas party was a total success. With a crowd of around 37 enthusiastic spankos, we had a GREAT 7 hour demo/social/spanking party.

We started with the demo. I gave a brief history of the tradition of Krampusnacht, which then went into a talk about the birch, it's history from antiquity to the Romantic Age.

Then melissa took the stage with me and after taking the position, got her well earned birching ( she was late for the event).

The demo was brief as most of the attendees wanted to get on with the party.

I gave numerous fantastic hand spankings ( my favorite ) and paddlings !

We had a great gift give away, 3 canes, 2 bundles of birch, a arnica/chocolate mint scented candle and a container of body cream.

Of course the item of curiosity was the birch. These were spray birches. At the request of the spankee, I gave two traditional birchings over the birching horse we had. These were totally bare bottom. Ten strokes were administered. They were totally sufficient. The recipients I think enjoyed being part of an old tradition where the birch was used, on a ladies who were in need of the special attention, only the birch could provide.

Party, closed about 2 AM. A very good night and a GREAT way to get through the holidays.

My observation about the birch. It is a potent implement. Not for the week of heart. It is more of a whip. This is a sting implement to the highest level. No wonder it was full of thread to those on the receiving end. I plan on adding it to my future play sessions, LOL !