Monday, October 3, 2011

Krampusnacht: An Un-Christmas party, Friday December 9, 2011

KC Spanks Club presents: KRAMPUSNACHT

“At this event, it will have paid to been naughty all year”

...General info

date: Friday, December 09, 2011

time: 07:00 PM to 11:59 PM

where: Master Richard's Place

address: Given with rsvps map

cost: 10 @ door, 21+ to attend

dress code: Casual, spanking fetish, ( Tops; uniforms, suits, Devil or Santa oriented. bottoms; school boy or girl get ups, drop seat pajamas, in the krampus spirit, naughty santa helpers). These aren't required, just some ideas.


We will start off with a demo. A little bit about the tradition of Krampusnacht, then The Birch Rod. It's history and use. A short demonstration will be given by Rich Spankman, with the assistance of melissa .

Following the demo we will have our social/ party.  Then at 10:00 PM a visit from KRAMPUS !

Door Prizes:  Raffles for canes and sensation creams

Like many traditions that were child oriented, such as Halloween, Krampus is now geared towards adults.

Recommended to learn more just google the internet and learn more about Krampus.

Munchies and non alcoholic beverages to be provided. POTLUCK, bring something to


Also, just belonging to the KC Spanks Club Yahoo group site does not guarantee admittance. To protect our members, one of these are required:

Just one of the below will work;

1.Been to a party before

2.Friends of someone who has attended before ( give a name a reference )

3.Send a nice letter why you want to attend, protocols are respected, we respect

relationships, just common sense in our interactions.

4. Meet with the club owner, face to face.


Special note: Front door will be locked at 10:00 PM. If planning on arriving past that time, please contact the event organizer ( e-mail address listed below) to make arrangements for entrance.

RSVP by December 7, 2011

Questions contact: Rich Spankman,

Also, feel free to join the Yahoo Group: