Friday, August 5, 2011

Mister Spankman's Neighborhood

I don't do this often, but I'm in my second video. This was made possible by the fantastic spanking model and actress, Alicia Panettiere.

The recent first and second clips of our video series, Mister Spankman's Neighborhood are up on Spanking Tube.

The first clip deals with the opening and Alicia's dream sequence of the video.The second clip is me, spanking the lovely Alicia, with a lot of, zest and enthusiasm !

Below are the Spanking Tube links to the clips.

Also read the synopsis at the bottom of the clip for the story line. As a life long spanko, I do occasionally like to switch, this is one of those times.

Rich Spankman

First, the opening clip, introduction, and Alicia's dream sequence.

Next, the continuation of video clip, where we really get to the BOTTOM of the situation.

Additionally, if you didn't see the first clip we did a few months back, here is the link to it.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chicago Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular; July, 2011

   Back from Chicago and I had the time of my life.  Spanked some fabulous ladies.  Chatted with some of the coolest guys in the spanking scene, like Richard Windsor, Yoni from Crimson Moon and Bum Rap Productions, Mike, the co-ordinator of the event  ( and also the Spanking Court judge ), and many more.

  Thursday night after a great dinner, we had a 1950s style ice cream social, in remembrance of  one of the clubs founders who died a couple of years ago.  A gentleman I only met once, named Vince.  Some of the members came dressed in 50s style clothing, ( myself included ).

 Friday they had a F/f spanking event, in the afternoon, followed by a F/m event, called WHAP.  In the evening, after the dinner there was the most fantastic caning demo I have ever seen , given by a couple.  The Dominant was named, Rapture and his submissive was named dream angel.  It was an absolute, beautiful, caning demonstration.  Very sensual !

 Saturday was the vendor's fair.  A lot to choose from . I ended up picking up a cane, spanking glove and an old copy of SPANK HARD magazine from the 1980s.  Later we watched a film of the off-Broadway production, EUPHORIC TENDENCIES.  This was directed by club member Yoni  ( a New York professional stage director and actor  and written by his wife, actress Tasha Lee.  GREAT PRODUCTION !  They are trying to raise money to make it into a film.

 In the evening after another great dinner, was SPANKING COURT.  Charges were filed against some members of the audience ( all in good fun ) and the cases heard by Judge Mike.  Definitely fun to watch.
After the court, people moved about visiting, spanking and just having a plain good time.