Monday, January 31, 2011

January 28, 2011, KC Spanks Club Winter Spanking Party

This was the best one we have had. A good group with alot of interaction. The event was attended by 24 spanking enthusiast from the area.

It is only our 4th event (we try to meet quarterly )and everyone is starting to feel more comfortable around each other.

Party started at 7 PM, with a bratting demo by two of our members, Warmlion and Carla. After a few brief announcements we proceeded with the party. A lot of spanking and paddling going on. We had a good mixture, M/f, F/m, F/f, and M/m activity. I personally gave out 5 spankings, ( one pretty intense belt spanking).

Party ended at midnight. The messages I have received form the participants was extremely positive.

Attending our event was international spanking model and a great lady, Alicia Panettiere. With her help, soon we will have a website.

Things are looking up for the spanking community in the heart of the USA.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Jane Birkin: My Heart Belongs to Daddy ( Russian site )

I use to have this on a YouTube site, but it got deleted. Found it on a Russian site. No spanking in it, however in one scene, Jane Birkin, wife of deceased French performer and controversial character, from the 1960s Serge Gainsbourg ( and father of actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg ), is laying over the lap of a couple of gentlemen. One of them is considering doing the right thing ( deliver a spank to the derriere of Ms. Birkin ). he is stopped by the other guy. Still a HOT video. Sort of dated, but still fun.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two more from yesteryear

Well shoot why stop there. Here are a couple more of me paddling the same lady. In one scene, I'm explaining to her what will happen. In the next, as you can tell from the pinkish glow developing, some paddling has already occurred and more is on the way. DAMN, I do love to give a paddling !

Paddling scene from yesteryears

Here is a small pic, ( if you can make it out of my double leather paddle routine I used in my routine at my spanking booth at fetish shows a few years ago. If you look on one side, you'll see a small leather paddle ( white faux fur on the other side ) directly on a bun cheek. The other paddle getting ready to spank the other cheek.

The idea was to spank each cheek in alteration. LOL, always had great responses !

New Year's Resolutions

Well my first resolution is to start posting here more regularly. The last month has been quiet, but that is going to change. A lot going on in January.

First I'm looking forward to working with Alicia Panettiere later in the month. ( I'm real excited about that ).

Then KC Spanks Club will have their winter party, January 28. we are growing slowly and enthusiastically. I rather see us grow slow, get to know each other and expand out gradually.

More to come !